This Is How You Can Get Instant Traffic From StumbleUpon To Your Site (With Illustrations)

This Is How You Can Get Instant Traffic From StumbleUpon To Your Site (With Illustrations)

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StumbleUpon is another way to get instant traffic to your Nuttylist website. Before we start talking about StumbleUpon, let’s see what StumbleUpon is.

StumbleUpon is a collection of other websites that are submitted by users themselves. With thousands of active users, you can view the most highly rated sites in categories that interest you. For example, you added the category “Animals” to your interest. When you visit the Animal page on your profile, you will see an article related to that topic. This cycle repeats every time you click on the “Stumble“ button.  

Now let’s start work, go to

Once you are inside, you can sign up with your facebook account or Gmail, or you can sign up with Email.

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After signing up, StumbleUpon will ask you to select 10 interests, don’t fill randomly like many other people. Instead, choose carefully some similar interests that are close to your nuttylist site niche.

When you finish, it will ask you if you would like to keep going and select other interests or start stumbling. Press on Start Stumbling.

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When you press Start Stumbling, StumbleUpon will introduce you to the site by helping you understanding the interface as shown below.

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Whenever you press on “Stumble” button, you will see your interest related contents. Every time you press on stumble, a new article will appear. You can like, dislike or stumble those pages. In this way you may find some good topics and interesting posts.

And in the upper right hand, you will see the number of people who liked this particular article.

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The higher the number of likes you have on your article, the higher are the chances of being viewed by a lot of people. So make sure to put your superior articles in StumbleUpon in order to go viral.

Now let’s see how you can put a page in StumbleUpon and content so that other users find your website.

In order to do that, press on your profile, and choose “My Profile”.

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Now, press on “Add Page”.

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A drop down list will appear and you are going to be asked to submit your article link and to fill the details accurately.

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So go to your nuttylist website and choose the article you want to submit into StumbleUpon.

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Now, go back to stumbleUpon and submit your article link, make sure to choose “yes” for safe for work question, choose the interests you want your article to be submitted in, and add one or more tags, then press Save.

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Once your link is submitted, StumbleUpon will redirect you to your page to show you exactly how your article would appear to other users.

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You will be having around 20- 50 views on your newly post, so remember; the more likes you get to your post, the more it will be shared to others.

Some tips that will help you get more likes:

  • Build followers by searching for people interested in your niche and follow them, this way you will also get followed by them.


  • Submit a single post not more than 3 times.


  • Post interesting content that users will love reading


  • Don’t submit post in any category. Instead, submit it according to the suitable category.



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