Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website From Imgur (With Illustrations)

Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website From Imgur (With Illustrations)

Imgur is another website that you can use to drive massive traffic to your website. For those who haven’t heard about Imgur, we can say that Imgur is an image hosting and sharing site where users of the site can upload images, post comments, give points and share those images inside Imgur itself or with the wider internet.

Now go to

If you have an account, please sign in, if you don’t, you must create a new one, so press on sign up.

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You can register with your Facebook account, Twitter, Google +, Yahoo or you can sign up with your mail.

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After you sign up, make sure to activate your account, so go and check your mail for a verification link.

Now, in order to add your articles or images to Imgur, press on “New Post” button. Three options will appear, which are (Upload images, Video to GIF, Make a Meme). In this case we will choose “Upload images”.

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Now press on “Browse” to upload your image/images.

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Before you add your Nuttylist articles into Imgur, try first to upload some images in relevant categories in order to increase your profile rank. 40 to 50 images are perfect before start promoting your own articles.

Make a list of relevant categories that are similar to your niche and then start uploading some images. Let’s say that our Nuttylist site is for animals, so we will upload some animals’ images each day on Imgur.

You can search in google for animals’ images and upload them in Imgur.

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After you upload an image, make sure to give it a funny or uncommon title in order to attract people. In addition, don’t forget to add a descriptive description and some tags.

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You will be asked to add 5 tags in order to help people find your post, make sure to add relevant categories where people will be interested to open your post.

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Now, it is the time to share your post to Imgur community, so press on “Share to community” button.

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After few seconds, your post will be viewed by hundreds or thousands of Imgur users, if it is a good post, you will receive likes which will help your profile to be highly ranked.

This screen shot was taken after we pressed directly on “share to community” button. As you can see 60 views and 1 point in less than 1 second.

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Repeat that technique every day by uploading some images in relevant categories till your profile gain high reputation.

After uploading 50 images, upload your own Nuttylist articles.

Try to upload one of your high quality articles that you have submitted in your Nuttylist website before. Your images must be plain and simple because if it doesn’t appeal to the eye, no one is getting near your page.

As we said before, add a suitable title and description for every image or article you post, but when it comes to your Nuttylist articles, add your website URL at the bottom of the article to get backlink and to redirect Imgur users to your website.

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This trick will get you huge targeted traffic from Imgur to your Nuttylist website.


We hope you liked this article. Feel free to share it. If you have any question or having any issue, please leave a comment below or send us a direct mail.

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    I’m curious to find out wһat blog platform you hɑve beеn ԝorking
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      We are using wordpress. We recommend you to use wordpress for your blog because it is very easy and convenient and you won’t face any security problems once again.

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