How To Create Viral Content

How To Create Viral Content


There is no step by step guide or magic formula to create viral content. It seems like a distant possibility given the constant flow of quality content. It can be frustrating to spend a lot of time on your content only for it to slide into oblivion. The question is how does your content not only stand out but also create sustained conversation.

We explore answers to this question and present proven strategies and tips for creating viral content.

Embrace Visuals

The popular saying that an image captures a thousand words is not an overstatement. Visual content stimulates interest and encourage your audience to click more.

While articles are often the most popular form of content, they can be easily overlooked and tiring. Memes, animations, GIF’s and data captured in colorful infographic are more likely to go viral as they are easily relatable and create buzz.

Involve Your Audience  

The aim of creating content is to get people interested but what if you could get them to take ownership of the content and run with it. This is exactly what involving the audience does for your content.

Make your content interactive by using quizzes, images that need to be decoded, puzzles and other challenges that create excitement. Keep the content entertaining and watch as it goes viral as people keep spreading the content to friends and family to get them involved.

If your interactive content revolves around a trending topic on social media, it is an added advantage as it moves to the forefront of the topic and drives it.

Answer the Question In Style

People go online to search for news, data and solutions to problems. They are used to the popular answers they get; long articles and videos.

Jump to the front of the queue by redefining the way you provide answers to these popular questions. Reduce the length of your articles and use engaging images. Viral content is not necessarily about how long it is but how engaging it is.

Instead of a lengthy recipe showing how a popular meal is prepared, a video that shows the same meal being prepared is more likely to go viral. This is because it brings a common recipe to life and provides a guide for people to watch and recreate.

Use Listicles

Listicles are very essential for creating viral content. Lists create excitement by putting people, products and things in an order. It stimulates conversation as people keep sharing and raising issues if they disagree with the rankings.

Improve Your Social Media Reach

As you set up your viral content website you have to ensure that you build your followership on various social media platforms. Your audience lives on social media and you should embrace established channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Although these platforms are very popular, they are also crowded and it may be hard to break through. If your aim is to get noticed and go viral, then tools like Reddit, Flipboard, Digg and Stumbleupon.

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