How To Find Viral Content

How To Find Viral Content

You must have experienced a situation where a couple of friends shared the same picture, video or even a link to you in just an hour yet before all that, you already got an email notification of the same content and it is in fact all over your social media accounts. Such contents are referred to as viral contents by virtue of their “viralness.”

Examples of viral contents include songs, videos, photos, stories, articles, promotions and advertisement and so on. This piece is aimed at readers who wish to easily find viral contents as well as bloggers and content providers who wish to make their contents go viral. How do people find viral contents? See below:

  • Social Media: This would seem like a no brainer since more than half of the whole world is on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and what have you. Facebook and Twitter for instance have the “trending” function where you can see what most people all over the world are talking about. WhatsApp and Snapchat have the “story” function where friends can share the latest news, memes and videos in town. All of these contents get shared, retweeted, regranned as many times as possible: thereby, qualifying them as viral contents. As a blogger or content provider, getting a strong social media presence is ideal to make your contents go viral.
  • Social News Sites: There are many social new sites all over the internet with the sole purpose of sharing viral contents. Examples include BuzzFeed, Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, Newsvine, Product Hunt, Gawker and even Forbes among so many others. Visitors to these website are always kept in the loop on the latest gist in town whether political, health, general info or just fun stuff.
  • Your Email: Don’t get it twisted; your email is not meant for only official purposes. You can get viral contents directly into your mail box without even logging into your social media accounts or visiting your favorite social news site. All you need do is sign up with your email on websites and blogs offering the service and voila! Some trend blogs even give you the liberty to choose the type of contents you want: so, if you are a music and politics buff like me, you get to sign just for it and block contents relating to maths!
  • Dedicated Apps: This is for the die-hard lovers of viral contents and bloggers and other commercial content creators. Most dedicated apps are not free of charge. You pay and you get your viral contents delivered to you even before they go viral: hence, ensuring that you are kept ahead of others who use social media, news sites and email subscription.
  • SMS: Messaging might seem old-school but it is still effective. Telecommunication service providers often select viral stuff like trending news and send it to subscribed users for a fee or even for free. This may substitute for the email subscription and it seems preferable since it requires no internet connection and less digital contents.

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