How To Make Money From Viral Content

How To Make Money From Viral Content

Shareable content has created a whole new industry. At the heart of this revolution is the growth of websites that provide viral content which excites and creates conversation on a daily basis. After going through all the hard work of creating magical content that goes viral, it is time to reap all the rewards of your labor.  Viral content can provide a constant stream of income if you get it right.

We take a rundown of easy steps that would allow you to start cashing in on your viral content website.

Promote Your Site

The first thing that attracts income to your site is traffic. You have to continuously create followership on various social media platforms to achieve this purpose.

Many people who are behind websites powered by viral content are often in a rush to build this followership. As a result they buy likes and fake followers to create the appearance of a large following.

The result is that while their social media numbers are fantastic it does not reflect in the number of visitors to the site. To avoid this, you have to dedicate time and resources to promoting your viral content site through all the available platforms.

In time, you would establish a loyal following that would keep sharing and promoting your website.


After you have settled into providing regular content that attracts traffic, you can apply for an AdSense account.  Adsense allows you to put Google ads on your site with the site owner automatically earning money when ads are seen or clicked.

However Adsense comes with strict guidelines and you should ensure that you keep your content original and well written. Copying and pasting content can get you banned and block a major source of revenue. Apart from Adsense explore other ad networks to maximize your revenue.

Direct Selling Ads

Apart from maximizing Google ads, you can also utilize direct selling ads. The traffic that your viral content attracts makes it the perfect avenue for various brands and companies to put up adverts on your site.

Brands interested would pay to put up sponsored ads or banners on the site. Another option is paid posts which are published on the site and promoted using the site’s social media reach.

Keep Improving Your Site

A steady flow of income should not distract you from consistently improving your site. Ensure that the site loads in record time and is optimized to give mobile users a superior experience. Pay attention to site aesthetics and constantly improve the color and design of the site regularly.

Ads form your primary revenue and you should pay attention to the best positions to place them on the site.

Making money from viral content is not something that happens in an instant. It requires you to build up your social media and create viral content that brings in the traffic. Once you keep to these commitments, you can be assured of a steady stream of income.


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