How To Share Viral Content

How To Share Viral Content

The end goal for your website’s content is to go viral. After you have spent all that time investing in your post and tailoring it to your audience, your job is not done. You still have to ensure that you effectively promote your content for it to go viral. Effective sharing of your content allows you to create sparks that would morph into an unstoppable fire that takes your content viral.

We explore ways and strategies that help to increase the reach of your content.

Grow Your Base

You have a better chance of going viral if you have invested time and money in developing a presence on social media.

Creating a followership on social media means that you have loyal followers of your website who would steadily help you share your content.

Ensure that you grow the site’s social media presence as you build up the website to ensure steady traffic.

Find Your Strengths

Dumping your content on every social media platform is a scatter gun approach that would land the website in trouble. Sharing your content and waiting for it to go viral would never work.

Sharing has to be deliberate for it to be effective. Concentrate your efforts on platforms where your content has performed very well.

Twitter and Facebook help you to find out this with their interactive tools. You can check the number of interactions and impressions that your content has on Twitter. Facebook insights allow you to analyze the performance of your content and see what works.

Be Share Friendly

Great content with the capacity to go viral is defeated if it is very hard to share. Ensure that people who read your content can quickly act on the excitement and share it.

Make share buttons for all your social platforms very visible on the website to encourage sharing.

Use Influencers

To promote your content, you need to get the attention of influencers on social media. From celebrities to other people with large followership, an influencer can be the difference between posts going viral or sliding into irrelevance.

A retweet on Twitter, a share on Facebook or reposting on Instagram, can change how your content is perceived quickly.  Popular bloggers putting up your content also helps it attain prominence in record time.

Influencers do not take notice of your content by accident, actively cultivate a relationship with them over time. Tag them in posts and dedicate posts like Man crush Monday and Woman crush Wednesday to them.

Maximize Distribution

Be sure to embrace platforms that allow you to get a viral effect. Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon are some of the efficient tools which help you get to a large number of people.

Time Your Content

Although consistency is key when it comes to viral content, strategy is also important. Look at your data and determine when you get the most traffic.

Midday at 11am is a popular time as it represents a brief moment of respite after an initial morning rush. Weekends also allow you to push content with more traffic coming in as people have more free time to surf the internet.

After you create that magical content that will go viral, stop at nothing to ensure that everyone sees it.


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