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Why you should start building your own website?!

Although creating a website can be easier than you think, most people don’t know much about building a website, so some of them may start learning coding such as HTML or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), but this learning process can cost them a large investment of time. Others prefer to hire a professional web developer, but this choice is considered the most expensive route to get online, because freelance developers typically charge large amounts of money that may cost more than $5000 without the monthly hosting fee or the cost of website design.

Of course there are other alternatives, such as site builders, wordpress and joomla. But you need to learn more about them and you probably don’t have a ton of time to figure them out while you are a business owner and need every moment to write articles or market your products and services.

In Nuttylist, we overcame all those points to give you a simple way to create your own website in just a few clicks. No need to pay much money or to consume much time. In less than 5 minutes, your website will be ready for your first article. In addition, you can add your personal touches such as fonts, colors, photos and more.