The Importance Of Viral Content

The Importance Of Viral Content

Have you ever seen a video, a meme or a story that becomes an online sensation? Apart from the fact that it overwhelmed you in a number of ways, do you know its essence? Viral contents are definitely essential, for those who do not know. Not only to the audience, but to the content creator, to the “sharing” team, to those who copy and paste and so many others who contribute in making the content go viral.

The importance of viral contents range from creation of awareness to creation of wealth and social media influence for the content creator.

  • Viral contents primarily create awareness: The riveting article you read online about 10 ways to avoid cancer to the sarcastic meme you saw on Facebook and the video on instagram and the job opportunity you got straight into your email from a fashion blog etc. All of these are in one way or the other bringing things you previously did not know to your awareness – health tips, political updates, the latest music video, trending fashion and the newest slang in town. This creates awareness.


  • Online followership: One viral content can double up your online followership base in a day! And even multiply it over and over as you post more trendy stuff. The essence of a strong online presence and followership is mainly that more of your contents quickly get retweeted and shared, as the case may be. Also, it increases the traffic to your website or blog. In short, if you become known for viral contents, people will follow you.


  • More readers, more traffic: Viral contents and heavy traffic are like a Siamese twin – they go hand in hand. That is why sites like BuzzFeed and Gawker generate heavy traffic on daily basis. It is not rocket science: everybody wants to know the latest trend and if you offer it, they will bookmark your address and visit everyday.


  • More Ads: Now comes the money making part. Blogging is seriously lucrative if the blog generates a heavy traffic which comes only by posting viral contents. Generating a heavy traffic is a prerequisite to applying for Google AdSense account since you make money as many times as the Ads on your blog are clicked. Apart from Google Adsense, smart visitors usually place adverts if they notice your blog is a viral content hub. Huffington post and Nairaland are two specific examples of sites that benefit immensely from advertisement by virtue of viral contents.


  • Influence Marketing: This is a marketing strategy that focuses on using key persons who are well-connected, respected and regarded as influential and in the know to drive your brand’s message to the larger market by affecting the purchase decision of others. Thus rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead hire and pay influencers to do the job for you. In essence, regular viral content bloggers are influencers. They give you the visibility that you need. For instance, if you were to advertise your own product yourself, research shows people would most likely disbelieve your sweet-talks. Meanwhile pay an influencer and see the magic work for you.

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